"How much is this automatic prospecting/ tracking system?"

We start you off with an email farm of 500 local home and businessowners (you can add up to 2,000 more leads). And then we prospect to all of your leads, automatically, three times a month for only $39.99 monthly (charged quarterly). And with our eTracker for accountability and feedback . you will 'know' your eMarketing was delivered and read!
"Can I keep my own email address?"

Of course. And your email address will appear on all of your eMarketing. But some agents want a ‘new’ email address because ‘aol’ does not sound like a ‘business address.’ They want their email address to sound more credible. So we can provide you with a new, free email address. We can set that up for you in just a few minutes. Just – email us!
"How do I change or add my photo?"

There is a very simple, one-step method to add your photo to your eMarketing. If your photo is on your computer or on a disk, it takes just seconds to upload your photo. And with our automatic ‘re-sizing’ feature, your photo will look perfect without any work on your part.
"How do I change or add my contact information?"

It takes just seconds for you to type in your contact information. This includes your name; company name; company address; and phone numbers. If you have a website, you can easily add your website address (http://www.YourName.com). A link will automatically display within your eMarketing inviting prospects to click and visit your site.
"Can I put a link to my website in my eMarketing?"

Yes! Just type in the link to your website: http://www.YourName.com. When your friends, family, and clients receive your eMarketing – there will be a link to your website which invites them to visit.

"How many email addresses can I add to my eMarketing system?"

You can add up to 2,000 email addresses as long as they are friends; family; past and present clients. If you buy an email list, then it must be ‘double opt-in, permission based’ and this must be verifiable by us. There are new laws to prevent and punish spammers. We wholeheartedly agree with this policy.
"How often is the eMarketing sent out?"

Your eMarketing is automatically sent to your entire list of email addresses on the first; tenth; and twentieth of each month.
"What do my friends and clients receive?"

The most exciting and enchanting animations (many with sound) featuring . . . you and your services!

Each month your past and present clients, prospects, friends and family will get:

One holiday greeting
One topical eNewsletter
One eCard directly asking for repeat business and referrals
"How many eNewsletters are there?"

There are 12 eNewsletters that you will send out yearly.
Click here to see samples.
"What are the eCard categories?"

There are ‘21’ eCard prospecting categories featuring over 200 wonderfully animated designs. These are the categories:
Farm ‘Thank You’ Buyers Veterans Birthday Buyers Anniversary
Just Listed Referrals FSBOs Renters Hot Seller Move-up Buyers
Just Sold Open House Expireds ‘Top Agents’ Special Occasion Investors
Holiday First-Time Buyers Seniors Brokers Open House Past Clients Escrow

"How will I know that my eMarketing has been sent?"

Your eTrackerSM instantly and automatically gives an accurate report of your eMarketing Campaign! Just login to get your report card of another successful promotion. The eTrackerSM will tell you precisely ‘who’ opened your eCards and eNewsletters.

"Can I cancel my membership anytime?"

Sure, just send us an email and you only pay for that quarter. But we bet your membership will never be canceled as long as you are in real estate!
"Do I need a website to use this service?"

You do not need a website to use this service.
"Do you also design websites?"

Our focus is entirely on eMarketing. Just a few years ago it would have been unimaginable to have the ability to:

1) Send an unlimited number of ‘movie-quality animated’ commercials
2) To have them reach your prospects in seconds!
3) To ‘track’ the results instantly and accurately so you know ‘who’ read your advertising
4) That this service would always be . . .

But this service has been invented . . . it’s called . . . the internet. The internet is the greatest
FREE publishing tool ever invented because email is FREE. The most successful agents in North America are making millions of dollars in commissions from their internet strategy. Isn’t it time you got your share?
"How do I access my eMarketing System?"

Moments after you enroll, you will be emailed your password. Just click on the login link..... enter your password... and start getting TONS of leads just a few minutes from now! You have nothing to lose.... except more commissions.
"How do I check on the results of my eMarketing?"

Just visit us here at this website. Login with your password. Then, click on your eTrackerSM (look for the photo of: Sherlock Holmes) for your 'report card of success.' Get an instant and accurate update of the success of your eMarketing.
"Can I change my password?"

Sure. After you login you will see a link that says: ADD/EDIT contact info. Click on that to change your password; change your phone numbers; companyname; company address; etc.
"Will my email address book be confidential?"

Absolutely. Your email address book is protected by 128 bit encryption (like the C. I. A.!) Only 'you' will have access to your password-protected, email address book.
"When the eMarketing System sends out my emails, will the receiver be able to ‘see’ the names of the other recipients?"

No. Your email addresses will automatically be ‘hidden’ from view. Only ‘you’ will know who is in your email address book.
"Can I integrate my Microsoft Outlook or Palm contacts?"

Sure. It takes just seconds! Merely copy and paste the contacts from Outlook or Palm into the ‘add email address’ field of your password-protected email address book. There is no shared interface/communication so you cannot automatically download Outlook or Palm contacts into your email address book. But copy/pasting takes just a few moments and once it’s done. . . you’re ready to blast your eMarketing three times a month to your friends; family; and clients . . . hands-free!
"Can I add sponsors to my eMarketing to help pay for this service?"

YES!!! You can add up to two sponsors and have ‘them’ pay for your eMarketing! Your favorite title; lender;escrow; termite; appraiser; etc. is always asking for ‘your’ business, right? Well, invite that affiliate to partner with you and share the small monthly service fee. This ‘co-op’ advertising is a smart way to have ‘others’ pay for your eMarketing! Click here to see how this ‘co-op’ advertising looks.
"How do I get email addresses?"

How do you get ‘phone numbers’ from prospects? . . . You ask for them! So, ‘ask’ for the email address. Just like telephone numbers . . .most people have an email address . . . or will soon have one since they are free at Yahoo.com or Hotmail.com.

Better yet, take the advice of one of our profession’s greatest trainers, Floyd Wickman. He teaches to offer a ‘fair trade.’ So, ask for the email address this way . . . “
By the way, I’d like to send you a holiday eCard. What’s your email address?” or “By the way, I’d like to send you my monthly eNewsletter. What’s your email address?

And here's another great way to AUTOMATICALLY collect email addresses: use your voice mail greeting! For example: "Hi, I'm not in right now but I'll return your message as soon as possible. And please leave me your email address so that I can send you my free newsletter. It's got lots of vital tips for homeowners. So here's the tone and please leave your email address."

So make it a good business habit to always ask for the email address and watch how fast your eFarm will grow! Besides, people often find it easier to give an email address rather than a phone number because they feel it’s less intrusive. By giving a phone number, people know they risk being interrupted at all hours. But by giving their email address, they know they have ‘control.’ So always ask for the email address!
"How can I send the eMarketing to people I don’t know (spamming)?"

We do not recommend sending email to people you don't know. In fact, this can lead to shutting off your service.

Do ‘you’ like getting ‘junk email’? Of course not. So why send it? It’s smarter to focus your eMarketing within your ‘sphere of influence.’

One of the reasons you have made real estate a career is the wealth that ‘
repeat and referral’ business brings you, right? Doesn’t it make your week when you get that ‘come list me’ phone call?

Sadly, however, a study from our National Association of REALTORSr shows that 76% of home buyers FORGET the name of the agent who sold them the house just a year before! Whose fault is that? . . . . Of course. The agent.

And that’s tragic. Think how HARD you worked to find that buyer. Think how HARD you worked to find that buyer his house. Think how HARD you worked to close the sale. And then, unfortunately, after you have deposited that BIG commission check . . . . you forget about those clients. . . .
And they forget about you.

So how much money are you losing when that happens? Well, with your eMarketing system, once you add their email address, you will automatically stay in touch with them . . . forever!

There is a series of ‘7’ Buyers' Anniversary eCards.

Click here to see and hear (turn on your speakers!) our very special BUYERS’ ANNIVERSARY eCARDS.
"How do I know if any of my emails were not delivered?"

Of course we all know that from time to time email addresses get ‘bounced'. 'Automatically' any invalid email adresses will be returned to your in-box. Now it’s easy for you to follow-up with a quick phone call to that friend or client to get his/her new email address.
"Is there a way to organize all my email addresses?"

Sure. You can create as many ‘groups’ as you like. It only takes 5 seconds. These are the groups that are pre-programmed for you:

My Business Farm
Open House Leads
Geographic Farm
Past Clients
Present Clients
"Do my friends and clients have to ‘open’ my eMarketing for it to be effective?"

No. ‘Madison Avenue’ advertising experts know that to be effective, the ‘name’ of the product must be seen as often as possible. The name of your product is . . . YOU!! Your existing email address will be seen as the ‘sender.’

Whether the recipient actually opens your eMarketing doesn’t really matter. He or she will ‘see’ your name in their in-box. . . 3 times a month! So you are becoming a ‘BRAND NAME IN REAL ESTATE’ without ‘them’ or ‘you’ having to do . . . anything.

Of course, your friends; family; and clients will be absolutely delighted to see your holiday greetings with its clever animations. And your monthly eNewsletter offers valuable tips on a variety of timely subjects. Click here for eNewsletter samples.
"If I store all of my email addresses on your server, is it secure?"

Absolutely. The servers are backed-up each day and that data is locked in secure, fire-proof vaults. And of course, only you can access your data with your password.
"Can I spam?"

Absolutely NOT. Spammers will immediately be banned and membership instantly revoked. There is no grace period. There are no ‘second chances.’ You will lose all of your online data. This is ‘permission-based/ opt-in’ marketing only. Your eMarketing will be sent only to those people who have given you permission to do so (friends; family; past and present clients; members of your ‘farm’).
"I have a partner. Can we do this together?"

Of course. 'Both' of your names and contact information will be featured on your eMarketing. There is no extra charge for 'partners.'

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